Who are we?

Trivium Academy is an open-enrollment, tuition-free charter school sponsored by Portico Education Foundation, a non-profit organization that believes in offering our community a choice in public education. Trivium Academy provides a classical education for the modern world that trains children to be lifelong learners. Students engage in learning content, examine information critically, and express themselves with increasing sophistication each year. We help our students to be successful by providing an individualized learning approach based on each child's strengths, weaknesses, learning style, and interests resulting in well-rounded students who are prepared to challenge the world. Trivium opened as a K-6 school in fall of 2016 in close proximity to the Plano ISD and Lewisville ISD border. We will add a grade level each year until becoming a full K-12 school.

What does Trivium offer?

  • Genius Hour providing a creative outlet for students to research and create projects of their own choosing

  • A humanities block at every grade level

  • Fundamental and hands-on approach to science and math instruction

  • Special learning opportunities starting in elementary such as: art, debate, movement, music, Spanish, Latin

  • Brain breaks giving students time to recharge

  • Advisory classes in secondary to allow for more enrichment and remediation opportunities

  • Rotating schedule in secondary, so students don’t attend the same class at the same time every day

  • Service learning through community volunteerism

What is a modern classical education?

Firmly rooted in Ancient Greece, the art of teaching the trivium of grammar, logic, and rhetoric provides a classical education. In our modern world, we believe that these three components should not be separated into three distinct units of study over the course of an education as they would be in a traditional classical setting. Instead, the three parts of the trivium should be taught with increasing sophistication each year. 

The goals for our students revolve around the Three E’s as we strive to teach the whole child cognitively, emotionally, socially, and physically. Our students will...

  • Engage in Learning: Grammar - the initial stage where students learn the fundamentals of various content areas

  • Examine Information: Logic - the analytical stage when students begin to ponder and question information

  • Express Themselves: Rhetoric - the final stage where the information is brought to maturity through the expression and communication of new ideas relating to students’ previously gained knowledge